Tilting arbor sliding table panel saw

The Casadei XENIA 30 circular saw was designed to fulfil the requests of a more and more demanding and qualified market.



">Reliability: Sliding system with prismatic guideways and preloaded ball bearings, for smooth and precise sliding table travel. All machine frame contact surfaces are machined to guarantee perfect planarity, impeccable precision and durability.
">Ergonomics: All machine controls are on the front side of the machine within easy reach of the operator.
">Sturdiness: machine frame of notable thickness and solid construction.

Technical data

Max. saw blade diameter 315 mm
Max. scoring blade diameter 120 mm
Saw blade rotation speed 3700 rpm
Saw blade motor power at 50 Hz  5 kW / 7 Hp
Saw blade motor power at 60 Hz  6 kW / 8 Hp
Scoring blade motor power at 50 Hz  0,9 kW / 1,2 Hp
Scoring blade motor power at 60 Hz  1 kW / 1,3 Hp
">Ripcutting capacity "> 1270 mm



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