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Yachts get CNC treatment

They were making boats well before Henry Ford rolled his first Fliver off the line in Detroit. When their first boat was launched, the Civil War was in full swing. Now, 142 years later, it’s still “all in the details” at Burger Boat Company. A lot of details. 

This Manitowoc, Wis. company is one of a handful of boat builders worldwide which produce custom yachts for a select group of primarily private sector clients willing and able to write checks in the multimillion-dollar range. As the housing economy was booming – and the closet industry taking off with it – John Manidis, owner, founder and CEO of Top Shelf Closets and Cabinetry (Morgantown, PA) felt it was time to take his company to the next level. In order to keep up with a dramatically increased market demand, Manidis called upon Delmac Machinery Group to help him transform his “wood shop” into a “lean, state-of-the-art closet manufacturing facility.”

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Reducing labor and bottlenecks are two goals in any manufacturing operation

Reducing labor and bottlenecks are two goals in any manufacturing operation. Linear Flow, an automatic load/unload system developed for Busellato CNC machining centers, is designed to address both. Delmac won a Sequoia Award in the machinery productivity category for the Linear Flow at the recent AWFS Fair.

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