When teamwork is the winner

In 2008, Casadei Macchine S.r.l. and  Busellato S.p.A., two historical companies in the woodworking machinery sector with complementary product ranges, joined forces to createCasadei Busellato Team Work, an integrated business and production unit.

This new brand and the “Team Work” work cell was presented to the market at Technodomus ‘09. 
Casadei Busellato’s ambitious aim is to become the best alternative to the big German and Italian manufacturers, with the help of the new dimension which allows greater competitiveness with respect to smaller manufacturers. A sales network ready to face the challenge is crucial to achieve this aim.

In order to support its dealers, Casadei Busellato Team Work didn’t limit itself to making sales agreements, but has also invested in industrial synergies to optimize production processes and methods, development of coordinated product ranges and a sales network availing itself of joint marketing and sales instruments, to allow greater competitiveness.

The new Casadei Busellato factory in Thiene,  offers immediate advantages in terms of production efficiency without forsaking the know-how achieved so far.
As well as production, sales, service and spare parts depts., the new factory has a permanent showroom for machine demos to potential customers and for sales staff training, as well as for special open house events.

Churchill stated “The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty”. Casadei Busellato chose to be optimists: with the strength of their own tradition, their technical innovation always at the carpenter’s service and thanks to their dynamism and adaptability to the new economic context, this new team, supported by its own dealers, will be able to seize growth opportunities.