Automatic wide belt sanders with 1/2 operating heads

Designed for growing and highly competitive companies, the LIBRA 35 wide belt sander is an extremely versatile, multipurpose machine which allows perfectly calibrated and sanded parts to be obtained with a limited investment.



Flexibility: Recommended for sanding solid wood parts.  Can also be equipped for pre-sanding and sanding veneered panels, both on solid core and honeycomb core panels.
Sturdiness: Compact and sturdy structure, great machining precision, ease of use and safety for the operator.

Technical data

  LIBRA 35 - 95 LIBRA 35 - 110
Working width 950 mm  1100 mm
Min. ÷ Max. working height 4÷170 mm  4÷170 mm
Sanding belt width 970 mm  1115 mm
Sanding belt length 1900 mm  1900 mm
2 feed speeds 4,5-9 m/min  4,5-9 m/min
Feeding motor power (HP)  0,33/0,55 kW (0,4/0,7)  0,33/0,55 kW (0,4/0,7)
Worktable raise and fall motor power (HP) 0,25 kW (0,35)  0,25 kW (0,35)
Main motor power, versions with 1 or 2 operating units (HP) 11kW (15) 50Hz  11kW (15) 50Hz



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