Automatic panel saws with clamps and NC

AXO 400 - AXO 500 HD

AXO 400 and AXO 500 HD automatic horizontal beam saws for high production rates.



The AXO 400 is a machine designed with the same criteria of strength, reliability and dimensional precision as the other machines in the AXO series. However, improved performance thanks to blade projection, motor power up to 15 kW, and greater saw carriage feed speeds and pusher speeds make this machine the ideal solution for companies with a high production rate.

The AXO 500 HD is a machine without compromise: exceptional machine sturdiness, 130 mm blade projection, main motor power and the high saw carriage feed speeds and pusher speeds make this the ideal machine for high production rates.
To cope with particularly onerous production rates under continuous use, the machine can be equipped with prismatic guides for the saw carriage with automatic forced lubrication, 150 m/min saw carriage feed speed and 90 m/min pusher speed.


Technical data

  AXO 400 AXO 500 HD
Ripping capacity 3200/3800/4500 mm  3200/3800/4500 mm
Pusher stroke 2100/3200/3200 mm  3200/3800/4300 mm
Blade projection 110 mm  130 mm
Saw carriage feed speed 6 ÷ 60 m/min (std)
0 ÷ 135 m/min (opt)
0 ÷ 150 m/min (opt)

0 ÷ 170 m/min (std)

Max. pusher return speed 60 m/min (std)
70 m/min (opt)
120 m/min (opt)
0 ÷ 90 m/min (std)
0 ÷ 100 m/min (std)
Main motor power at 50 Hz (S6) 9 kW (12 Hp)  14 kW (19 Hp)
Scoring motor power at 50 Hz (S6) 1,8 kW (2,5 Hp)  1,8 kW (2,5 Hp)



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