A winning trifecta

When owner John Canary established Canary Custom Closets in 2001, he approached his business with the manufacturing know-how of a custom woodworker and the strategic mindset of a successful businessman. 

From the start, Canary took his business by the horns and led it down a lucrative path. Taking advantage of the latest in technology, he invested in state-of-the-art machinery for every area of manufacturing in his facility. Today, using this technology to his advantage, he sells closet systems and other cabinetry to retail and wholesale clients and to other closet companies. 

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Closet manufacturer expands production capacity to accommodate growth in customer demand

People want more closet space — and they want it all to be useable space. That demand is what’s driving the success of Atlanta, Georgia-based Closets and More. Started in 1992 by Dan Gehlhausen and his partner, David Gray, the company has found itself sharing that same demand for more useable space due to the need for expanded production capacity. 

“We started in a 500-sq.-ft. space only to move after about six months into a 2,500-sq.- ft. space,” says Gehlhausen. “We got our first Cehisa edgebander there, and we were so excited that we could get a piece of melamine out of the machine that we didn’t have to file by hand." 

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A Tacoma, WA, company uses technology to increase its productivity

In 1992, Ken Jepson started Closets Etc. of Tacoma, WA, with pretty humble beginnings – a nail gun, a Skil 77, a borrowed, beat-up station wagon and an unemployement check. 

Ken says, "That was the first time in my life that I couldn’t find a job. I always thought that if you wanted to work, you could find work." 

But he made the best of his situation. The unemployment check was used to purchase a Yellow Pages ad. Ken says that when he started advertising, he knew the phone would ring. "That is exactly what happened, and we’re still thriving today," he says. 

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Reducing labor and bottlenecks are two goals in any manufacturing operation

Reducing labor and bottlenecks are two goals in any manufacturing operation. Linear Flow, an automatic load/unload system developed for Busellato CNC machining centers, is designed to address both. Delmac won a Sequoia Award in the machinery productivity category for the Linear Flow at the recent AWFS Fair.

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High-rise market spurs ‘high-rise’ growth

The urban living boom that’s filled the downtown Portland, OR, skyline with condo towers has helped fuel impressive growth at Portland Closet Co. Work in high-rise residential buildings propelled company growth to 30 percent last year.  says Mike Ambrose, who owns the company with his brother James and John Grout, the original owner who is now a silent partner. As the company adjusts to that rapid growth and to an emerging slowdown in housing, the brothers expect to see more moderate growth in 2007.

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Delmac takes closet manufacturer to next level

As the housing economy was booming – and the closet industry taking off with it – John Manidis, owner, founder and CEO of Top Shelf Closets and Cabinetry (Morgantown, PA) felt it was time to take his company to the next level. In order to keep up with a dramatically increased market demand, Manidis called upon Delmac Machinery Group to help him transform his “wood shop” into a “lean, state-of-the-art closet manufacturing facility.”

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