Stroke sanders

LN 2500 - LN 3000

The LN series stroke sanders are extremely robust and versatile, which places these models at the top of their category. 



Sturdiness: the heavy machine frame guarantees machining precision even with particularly arduous workloads.
Flexibility: the large diamater pulleys allow a high sanding belt cutting speed of 18 m/s. The frame has a deep gooseneck to allow sanding of large sized parts.

Technical data

  LN 2500 LN 3000
Worktable length 2500 mm 3000 mm
Worktable width

1100 mm

Vertical stroke

580 mm

Sanding belt length 7100 mm 8100 mm
Gooseneck depth

820 mm

Gooseneck height

180 mm

Main motor power with reverse rotation (HP) (S1)

3 kW (4)



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