Automatic panel saws with lifting table, clamps and NC

AXO 400 T - AXO 500 T HD

To cope with very high production rates Casadei offers 2 models equipped with a rear loading table: the AXO 400 T and the AXO 500 T HD.



The AXO 400 T allows a significant increase in production thanks to the rear lifting table. The panel stack is loaded on to the loading table and the machine works in a continuous cycle automatically loading the panel stacks as set in the cutting program.
The AXO 500 T HD offers maximum performance for very high production rates. The exceptional strength of the machine, blade projection of 130 mm, high saw carriage and pusher speeds, the possibility of loading panel stacks up to 1300 mm high on the table are the main features of the machine which allow very high production.
To cope with particularly onerous production rates under continuous use, the machine is equipped with prismatic guides for the saw carriage with automatic forced lubrication, 150 mt/min saw carriage feed speed and 70 mt/min pusher speed.

Technical data

  ">AXO 400 T ">AXO 500 T HD
Ripping capacity 3200/3800/4500 mm 3200/3800/4500 mm
Blade projection 110 mm  130 mm
Saw carriage feed speed 0 ÷ 135 m/min  0 ÷ 170 m/min
Max. pusher return speed   0 ÷ 70 m/min 0 ÷80 m/min
Main motor power at 50 Hz (S6-40%) 9 kW (12 Hp)  14 kW (19 Hp)
Scoring motor power at 50 Hz (S6-40%) 1,8 kW (2,5 Hp) 1,8 kW (2,5 Hp)
Max. dimensions of panels on rear loading table AXO 400 T/32
3200 x 1850 mm
AXO 400 T/38
3800 x 1850 mm
AXO 400 T/45
4500 x 2200 mm
AXO 500 T HD/32
3200 x 1850 mm
AXO 500 T HD/38
3800 x 1850 mm
AXO 500 T HD/45
4500 x 2440 mm
Standard lift table capacity h = 600 mm 4000 Kg  6500 Kg



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