JKL Machinery

December 15, 2019

Casadei Busellato and JKL Machinery announce a winning alliance for North American woodworking companies at the AWFS 2019

A team of dedicated professionals and an even more efficient, reliable service for woodworking companies operating in North America.

With the up and coming AWFS Trade Fair in Las Vegas, Casadei-Busellato announces a deal with JKL Machinery, a key American player which has been specialising in the sale and after-sales of woodworking machines. This is a strategic dealership between the Italian company and the North American dealer which stems from the need to combine demand for a vast, state-of-the-art range of solutions for both craftsmen and the entire American market, with a direct, complete consulting service aimed at improving the production processes at customer companies, in line with continuously evolving market demands.

Thanks to the exclusive new strong alliance with the USA dealer, JKL Machinery, Casadei-Busellato will strengthen its presence in North America, introducing itself as a top level representative with a sound knowledge of the "stars and stripes" market and a well-established, qualified team at ground level, ready to satisfy any demands: from pre to after sales, providing instant support with service and spare parts.

The Las Vegas Trade Fair will be an opportunity to present the high technology behind this new dealership. Innovative solutions that include classic, special machinery and machining centres. A vast range with completely new models, functions and design to make the operator's work even more enjoyable, as well as easy and functional.

The new rage of Jet Master T and RT machining centres on show with bars or multifunctional table is proof of how Casadei-Busellato's solid tradition can translate new market trends into highly automated, competitive solutions.

The new machining centres on show in Las Vegas offer top of the range performance and are ideal for panel processing and nesting. They are highly versatile and flexible at configuration and processing capacity level, and productivity results are excellent.

They are larger than the former models and permit a single load capacity of panels in Y up to 2200 mm. The new machines offer more possibilities in terms of available optional extras and are fitted with state-of-the-art Genesis Evolution software which provides excellent performance with a 3D display of the bench and machining work on the panel. A vast range of specific software for nesting machining is also available.

The various sizes of boring heads and horizontal milling units with one or two outputs mean these models suit every kind of machining requirement.

The excellent versatility of the 5-axis Jet 5T unit, available with different power levels, is ideal for more advanced companies that need to perform varying machining works at high speeds, without compromising precision or high quality.

There are also special demos at the Trade Fair for the Easy Jet nesting machining centre ideal for the production of components and doors for interiors, that are showing off a new look for the occasion: designed for easy, intuitive use both by specialised technicians as well as carpenters, it is a compact machining centre that can be accessed from three sides, which provides performance levels in line with more sophisticated models with an excellent quality/price ratio and now available with an automatic loading and unloading "Nesting Cell" system.

Rounding off some of the more innovative solutions for the North American market is the Jet Optima machining centre range: from the 5-axis Jet Optima T5 model, ideal for working on complex shapes with a fast workbench set-up procedure, to the compact, versatile 3 or 4 axis Jet Optima C, for the production of cabinet & furniture components, hollow core internal doors and those with solid wood elements.

Casadei-Busellato was established following the merger of two well-known brands in the woodworking machinery industry. This joining of forces did not stop at simple distribution trade agreements but created an industrial synergy of methods and production processes. The company’s strong points are its technological state-of-the-art products and effective after-sales assistance. Casadei-Busellato operates all over the world thanks to a distribution network that guarantees sales and technical assistance.

JKL Machinery was set up in 2008. Its headquarters in Brighton, in Michigan, has 14,800 sq. feet (more than 1,300 m2) and a 6,000 sq. feet showroom offering the most advanced technology in the machining industry for wood products, plastics and composite materials.

JKL Machinery
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